· June, 2018

Stories about Bolivia from June, 2018

“Some of the words that should be linked to feminicide should be justice and sentence”

"the correct words that should be used to explain feminicide and that fall within Bolivian law should be that in a feminicide there was justice without delay.."

“We ask for responsibility in the treatment of the news about feminicide”

"We ask for responsibility in the treatment of the news, which is more than just facts and figures. It is about a woman who suffered and died because of violence."

“The legal system and judges could follow up, minimize the risks, and guarantee the victim’s access to justice”

"I believe that given the commitment and immediate attention by civil society, an attempted feminicide can be identified thanks to public policies, the will of the state, and the funds assigned for security."

“The risks of violence against women and feminicide legitimize machismo and stigmas about women in society”

"The slowness in the investigation and judgments of the cases demonstrate the absence of the State's willingness to work for gender, education and prevention that would benefit women's rights."

“Above all to treat the issue with humanity”

"The current reality shown by this word cloud for feminicide reflects the lack of awareness about the issue.."