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Our mission is to help you practice collaborative media analysis using tools, methods, and data with others to gain new perspectives on global news production.

Story Research and Method Guides

NewsFrames participatory knowledge comes from bringing people, data, tools, and methods together. The NewsFrames platform enables this combination through the collaborative writing of stories about media analysis on a number of topics.

To undertake one of our various investigations or stories, you may find our step-by-step “how-to” guides helpful:


The NewsFrames platform is designed to help your team tackle writing projects related to media framing and other nonfiction investigations, large or small. It incorporates our media-related data tools and team checklists, all within a multilingual space.

Reviewing the ever-changing online news environment is challenging and it can’t be done alone.

NewsFrames aims to help you to identify narrative techniques behind the stories you read, as well as to reflect upon your own story writing practices. Your NewsFrames teammates work cooperatively to help you understand complicated data and see the angles you may be missing.

NewsFrames Screenshot, May 2018 (view larger image)

NewsFrames Code and Features

Code for Version 1.x of the NewsFrames Platform, along with its open source license, can be found on GitHub.

Features of this version include:

  • Collaborative writing space for teams, with history and other features of Etherpad.
  • Media Analysis Tools such as Media Cloud, Bias Prism, the beginnings of Meme Mapper.
  • Customizable checklists that enable teams to repeat processes and become more methodical.
  • Language localization of the NewsFrames user interface via Transifex, currently in French and Spanish.

Learn more in our Guides below.

Terms and Privacy Policy

The initial version which has been released as of Summer 2017 for internal use can be found at

Terms and Privacy Policy for the NewsFrames Software Platform are governed by Global Voices. You can contact us for more information here.

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