Getting Started With Methods

Data doesn't just speak on its own: raw data and analytical tools require human review and interpretation. Working on remote, distributed teams can make the prospect of following processes even tougher.

Before you begin, consider inviting a partner to your exploration. One of our key methods is adding another person to your investigation, one who has a different perspective or expertise and can make your story more accurate and compelling.

That's why NewsFrames offers built-in checklists, so teams do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to storywriting processes. Checklists can be customized and language localized as well. (Learn more about using checklists within NewsFrames.)

You can find below some of the checklists that we currently offer to our NewsFrames teams. Contact your NewsFrames team member if you are interested in adding to the list.

Under construction

1.Global Voices Style and Processes #

Global Voices have a number of guides that explain how to write and translate for us. We've included a few checklists based on these processes as helpful reminders of how to approach a story.

1.1.Team Reflection #

version 1.0, languages: ENG, SPA

This list incorporates best practices on writing ethically with accuracy, as described in Global Voices’ Editorial Code or in reflective methods related to qualitative research.

1.2.How to Make A Pitch #

version 0.1, languages: ENG

2. NewsFrames Story Types #

Story Type checklists are meant to be quick reminders of the processes defined in the Investigations sections.

2.1.Culture Shot #

version 0.7, languages: ENG

2.2.Reframed Story #

More about how to write a Reframed Story is here.

3.Working With Data #

3.1.Information Verification (under development) #

3.2.Data Transparency for Stories (under development) #

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