Our people live and work at the intersections of different cultures and different areas of expertise, and are learning how to use data for media analysis in their stories.

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Abigail Gualinga
Andrea Chong Bras
Andrés Tapia
Anna Schetnikova
Apawki Castro
Belen Febres-Cordero
Connie Moon Sehat
Iria Puyosa
José Santi
Juan Diego Andrango
Media Cloud
Nevin Thompson
Rawan Gharib
Sana Saleem
Sarah Morris
Suzanne Lehn

Translators and Contributors

Ahmed Medien
Anastasia Pestova
Anna Sevastyanova
Antonia Cordignano
Denis Sadovskiy
Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe
Ivan Sigal
James Siguru Wahutu
Malagasy Lingua at Global Voices
Mohamed Salih
Rami AlHames