About NewsFrames

How and why are certain stories covered? What part does media bias play? What does it mean to write news with accuracy and objectivity? NewsFrames asks these questions.

The NewsFrames Initiative works on questions that the Global Voices community has long been asking:  how and why certain stories are covered, what part media bias plays, and what does it mean to write news with accuracy and objectivity. We understand that although these issues have long been raised, they are often hard to demonstrate and answer.

NewsFrames uses research methodologies and data analysis to explore the framing of news coverage – how the media represents social or political topics in a meaningful way for the reader – and its possible effect upon audience understanding or interpretation. More about the concept of framing can be found below.

Tools and Investigations

Our initiative launched in late 2016, and is still under development. Major aspects include:

  • Tools and other NewsFrames software under development.
  • Investigations: Using NewsFrames methodologies and tools, Global Voices data investigations will take place across many languages and countries.


Leadership Team

  • NewsFrames Director: Connie Moon Sehat
    connie AT globalvoices DOT org
  • Team Lead: Iria Puyosa
    iria DOT puyosa AT globalvoices DOT org
  • Team Lead: Sana Saleem
    sana DOT saleem AT globalvoices DOT org
  • Communications: Nevin Thompson
    nevin DOT thompson AT globalvoices DOT org