About NewsFrames

How and why are certain stories covered? What part does media bias play? What does it mean to write news with accuracy and objectivity?

The NewsFrames Initiative works on questions like these that the Global Voices community has long been asking about framing. We understand that although these issues have long been raised, they are often hard to demonstrate and answer.

Data on this topic is increasingly available, but it can be hard to parse and of varying quality. People, on the other hand, can sometimes perceive a story's quality or bias more quickly than any computer, but can be limited by their own perspectives and experience as well.

This is why NewsFrames offers space and methods for collaborative media analysis.

Our Stories

The NewsFrames platform enables the Global Voices community and our partners to write stories together — in ways that more easily incorporate quantitative and qualitative data, analytical methods, and bridge-building perspectives.

The end result is reporting with better insight into media coverage around the world.

More about our stories on representation in the media, credibility, and culture can be found in Investigations.

Our Approach

Collaborative media analysis requires four key characteristics in our NewsFrames “recipe” for participatory knowledge:

  1. PEOPLE who live and work at the intersections of different cultures and different areas of expertise — these include Global Voices authors, translators and editors, and also a growing number of GV contributors focusing on data analysis.
  2. DATA collected about media coverage and issues we care about.
  3. Robust, well-defined METHODS that guide teams on best practices for reflective, evidence-based writing as well as remind writers about Global Voices’ values.
  4. TOOLS that promote collaboration and enable data discovery.

NewsFrames combines these essential elements to help participants develop the skills to create data-informed stories around questions that the GV community is asking.

Learn about how we apply this approach through data analysis tools in our on-going investigations.


In early June, we paused the project pending larger discussions with the Global Voices community and additional funds. Questions about its future direction can be directed to Ivan Sigal, Eddie Avila, or via our contact form.