Map: NewsFrames from “When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Wrong Words” published May 24, 2017.

Through our “recipe” of participatory knowledgePeople, Data, Methods and Tools — NewsFrames software creates a space for our community to analyze media coverage and frames in collaborative ways.

Here are a few areas of investigation, which often overlap, that are currently underway:

Representation in the Media

Rising Frames
The Rising Frames area of investigation tries to apply the tools and skills of data analysis to the problem of media framing related to marginalized groups such as indigenous communities. You can find examples of these efforts in our Reframed Stories series.

Typifying Language
Some of our deeper dives explore specific words and their relationships to media representation of communities or cultures.


Credibility is a critical part of what stories with data should ideally offer. Yet in current media environments, it can be hard to discern what news is true — whether or not data is involved. Our stories in this area center on journalistic reflection and trust. This area also analyzes framing issues that involve misinformation, disinformation, and ‘fake news’.

Reflection and Trust

False and Fabricated News: International Dimensions


When you read the news with a background of different language or country expertise, it can be easier to see the frames related to the discussion of cultural values. Mix in a community of this expertise with data on language, and the picture can become even clearer.

Read examples of this kind of exploration in our Culture Shots series.

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