Map: NewsFrames from “When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Wrong Words” published May 24, 2017.

Through our “recipe” of participatory knowledgePeople, Data, Methods and Tools — NewsFrames software creates a space for our community to analyze news coverage and frames in bridge-building ways.

NewsFrames houses explorations on a wide range of topics. Here are a few examples of investigations that are currently underway:

“Rising Frames”

This area of investigation tries to apply the tools and skills of data analysis to the problem of representation and marginalized groups such as indigenous communities.

This collaboration with Rising Voices — the outreach initiative of Global Voices that supports marginalized and misrepresented communities wanting to tell their own digital stories — began in Spring 2017.

“Reading the News”

What is the role of news in society, and what are the challenges and obligations that story makers and audiences face? This area also analyzes issues such as misinformation, disinformation, and ‘fake news’.

Story Types: Methods

There is a significant difference between a large scale collaborative journalism project and smaller pieces that reflect upon authorial bias, yet NewsFrames is aiming to enable a spectrum of team-based investigations.

We know that this work to integrate people, data, tools, and methods will be made easier through the definition of formulas for story writing that explain how to accomplish varying goals. As new story models are developed, How-To guides will become available.

Global Media Environments: Methods

What does it mean to investigate a country's media coverage? Our teams are currently prototyping methodologies to define the spectrum of media outlets relevant to country-level discussions, in order to use them for analysis in our stories.

These prototypes are being made available through NewsFrames collections at Media Cloud.