Through tools, data, and the intervention of knowledgeable people in the Global Voices worldwide community, NewsFrames strives to clarify meta-level issues about news.

Three concerns ground the research objectives for NewsFrames

  1. Information provided from a non-privileged viewpoint
  2. Empirically based stories
  3. Bridge-building conversations

What We Investigate

Several areas of investigation are currently underway, including:


This area of investigation tries to apply the tools and skills of data analysis to the problem of representation and marginalized communities.

This collaboration with Rising Voices — the outreach initiative of Global Voices that supports marginalized and misrepresented communities wanting to tell their own digital stories — began in Spring 2017. Read more here.

False and Fabricated News

False and Fabricated News attempts to tackle issues such as misinformation, disinformation, and ‘fake news’ through analysis.

Here are three investigations so far:

Global Media Environments: a Methodology Project

  • What does it mean to investigate a country's media coverage? Our teams are currently prototyping methodologies to define the spectrum of media outlets relevant to country-level discussions.