Through tools, data, and the intervention of knowledgeable people in the Global Voices worldwide community, NewsFrames strives to clarify meta-level issues about news. Three concerns – information provided from a non-privileged viewpoint, empirically based stories, and bridge-building conversations – also ground the research objectives for NewsFrames.

Several areas of investigation are currently underway, including:

  • Marginalia. This area of investigation tries to apply the tools and skills of data analysis to the problem of representation and marginalized communities. This collaboration with Rising Voices — the outreach initiative of Global Voices that supports marginalized and misrepresented communities wanting to tell their own digital stories — began in Spring 2017.

  • False and Fabricated News attempts to tackle issues such as misinformation, disinformation, and ‘fake news’ through analysis.

  • Global Media Environments: a methodology project. What does it mean to investigate a country's media coverage? Our teams are currently prototyping methodologies to define the spectrum of media outlets relevant to country-level discussions.