· October, 2017

Stories about Indigenous from October, 2017

“Violence was the concept in dispute”

  October 26, 2017

Reframed Stories asks people to respond to dominant themes in news coverage about themselves and the issues that affect them. The stories center on the reflections of persons who are more often represented by others than by themselves in media.  Apawki Castro is the elected leader of communications for the Confederation...

“Media is just interested in covering conflict and blood”

  October 13, 2017

Media is more interested in covering just struggles, conflict, and blood, and it does not care about other topics that are also important to us. In Sarayaku, we are devoting a lot of effort to the promotion of the Kawsay Sacha, our proposal for a way of life that invites to a peaceful coexistence with the environment, with one self and with others.