False and Fabricated News: Resources

To go along with our effort to clarify false or fabricated news on the international level, we have collected a number of sites and articles that deepen our understanding of the challenges.

References on verification and related topics of interest

The problem of false or fabricated information brings up the challenge of verification among others. Here are a few sites that we have found helpful or interesting:

  • Case studies from Bellingcat include a guide to reverse image search on YouTube videos.
  • First Draft News offers a number of resources related to social newsgathering and verification.
  • A number of tools from The Social Media Reporter on … social media reporting skills like verification.
  • The Fake News Reddit has examples of the “fake news” process and suggestions for further reading.
  • Verification Junkie offers a directory of tools related to verification including Meedan's Check.

Cases: Stories from our Global Voices Authors

Global Voices has been following cases of news that include fabrications and misinformation around the world. Here are some examples of our work:





Middle East and North Africa

Cases: Efforts on the Regional and National Level

These efforts to address “fake” news and related issues have been considered noteworthy by our authors and editors: