Research Analysis Tools

The NewsFrames platform includes a variety of software tools that use hard data to facilitate in-depth exploration and analysis of news coverage.

It also includes processes, checklists and editorial workflows that NewsFrames has developed to help train journalists and anyone else to investigate and report on how stories are framed.

Research tools including:

Media Cloud

Media Cloud is an open source platform developed by the MIT Center for Civic Media and the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. Media Cloud is designed to aggregate, analyze, deliver and visualize information, while answering complex quantitative and qualitative questions about the content of online media.

How to Use Media Cloud in the Newsroom >>

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Bias Prism

Bias Prism is an experimental collaboration around Natural Language Processing algorithms with Georgia Institute of Technology's Behavioral Modeling and Computational Social Systems Group.


Ensuring accuracy is already part of a journalist's workflow, and many of the steps outlined are already followed on most stories; a checklist is one of the simplest and most effective error-reduction tools, and makes the process of journalism more consistent and rigorous.

As well, working on a complicated story can take many steps, and this can be hard to manage especially in remotely distributed teams.

Especially in the case where there’s already best practices in the field related to fact checking, or wisdom within your organization on how to approach different topics, checklists allow for teams to spend  less time reinventing the wheel and more time focusing on the tasks set before them.

Checklists are customizable and language localizable at the administrator level, and ready for import into your NewsFrames project. Learn more about using Checklists.

Other Journalism Resources

Collected Resources

To go along with our effort to clarify false or fabricated news on the international level, we have collected a number of sites and articles that deepen our understanding of the challenges. Read more.


Zotero is a free, open source tool that helps to collect, organize, cite, and share research sources. Learn more >>


Check combines smart checklists, workflow integrations, and intuitive design to make digital newsgathering an efficient and collaborative process. Learn more >>